About Office 1


The chain OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORE is property and managed by PANDA Cooperation.

PANDA” COOPERATION has singed an agreement for franchising with the famous and world-wide known firm “OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORE INTERNATIONAL” Inc., Delaware, USA in relation to the ‘know-how’ management and usage of the name OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORE by the COOPERATION on the territory of the whole country. On the strength of this agreement, the trade mark OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORE and the rights for building and operating stores from the world net under the same name on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria exclusively belong to “PANDA” COOPERATION.

OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORE is an international franchising company, setting up a chain of shops for office equipment. With its over 700 \seven hundred\ shops in 34 \thirty four\ countries, the company occupies a big part of the world market in this sphere.

In the stores of OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORE, working under the motto “Everything for Your office under one roof”, you can buy at the same time: office materials, furniture, variety of literature \juridical included\, bags, wallets and others such as these, cleaning and washing materials and other home goods, gifts and books, .

The variety, which is offered, is unusual for the Bulgarian market. The shops and warehouses of the Cooperation operate with more than 12000 \twelve thousands\ products of famous Bulgarian and world producers.

Each shop from the chain “OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORE” has its own Business centre, which offers these services as well: copying, laminating, binding, making business cards, seals, forms, printing advertising materials and other similar activities.

On the 5-th of June, 2003 Office 1 Superstore celebrated its 5-th birthday with an impressive opening of the biggest Trade Center for office products on the Balkans. The Commercial Center was opened by Mr. Mark Baccash, President and an Executive Director of the American company for office products Office 1 Superstore International.  


·      12 000 office products  from clips to office equipment;

·      Business Center with over 100 kinds quick and high-quality business services like high-stem printing, scanning, laminating, preprinting and printing of advertising materials and souvenirs, production of seals and many others.

·      Unusual  variety of office furniture;


·      Conference Center for training, seminars, presentations, conferences, business meetings, cocktails, parties, reviews and others.


As one of the biggest traders in the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as in the Balkan peninsula in the sphere of trade with office materials, technique and equipment, the name ‘OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORE‘ has made a constant reputation not only on the Bulgarian market and it has become a guarantee  for perfect quality of the offered goods and services.

In the structure presently, there are 124 \one hundred and sixty four\ stores “OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORE” as a part of the international chain of shops with the same mark. The shops are built in 54 \fifty four five\ towns in the whole country.

The business activity of Office 1 Superstore is realized by specialized departments (“Franchising“, “Operational”, “Purchasing”, “Corporate clients”, “Telemarketing”, “Sales”, “Marketing”, “Administrative”, “IT”, “Accounting” and others.


 In the stores of OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORE the clients receive a service of world level. The highly qualified personnel help the clients in their choice of the most suitable product. The employees of the Cooperation and the personnel in the shops of ‘OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORE’, who presently are more than 850 \eight hundred and fifty\, work in teams, whose differentiation is made on the base of the differentiation of the offered goods in different groups, according to their type. Each of the teams deals with specific group goods and has consultants, who give the clients exact and comprehensive information about the offered goods and their characteristics. Such teams are formed and work in each and every shop “OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORE” in the country. The success of these special departments and teams, working in the trade sites of the Cooperation, are also due to personal qualities of the employees – young, ambitious and qualified, specially trained for this work.

In November 2003 was successfully finalized the procedure of implementing the international system for managing the quality ISO 9001:2000. The audits of Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance assured themselves of the developed and applied into practice procedures for quality guarantee, and our clients received another world acknowledge for high grade of our products and services.



In June 2003 OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORE Bulgaria (“PANDA COOP”) received the most prestigious prize “Trader of the year”, set up by the most respected and specialized magazine in the world for business and office materials ‘Office Product International”. The jury, including 11 executive directors and high managers in multinational companies, were choosing among more than 100 candidates in this category.

The criteria on which the company was selected include professional management, financial results, sales development and European standards of service and work with clients. The prize was received by Mr. Raicho Raichev, President of “Panda Coop” in Hague. 



Office1Superstore is the approved leader on the market of office consumptives and technique. Our success is due to 20-years experience.


We created the biggest chain of 124 shops in 54 towns on the territory of the whole country.


We own the biggest warehouse for office products in the Balkan Peninsula – 5000 square meters and five huge warehouses in the country.


When buying goods over specific amount we offer you a free delivery to your address!


In our business centers you can make use of quick and quality services, which will help and facilitate your work.

q  Fast copping

q  Laminating

q  Book binding

q  Making business cards

q  Seals

q  Forms blanking

q  Printing advertisements texts and souvenirs


Over the phone our clients can have detailed information for the office products, competent help for their choice, as well to make their order by phone and fax.   


·      By the phone  

·      By fax

·      Through Internet

·      In the shops


ISO 9001/2000

In November 2003 was successfully finalized the certification process on the standard ISO9001/2000. Our clients receive one more guarantee for quality service by world standards!



Thanks to the exclusively good conditions for buying office materials, consumptives and technique and the rich variety of the offered goods in the chain of stores “OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORE”, the company has attracted as its constant clients over 20 000 /twenty thousand/ Bulgarian end foreign firms, state institutions, public organizations, funds, trade representatives offices, embassies and others.