How to order?

  1. Sign on with username, and password.
  2. Select category you wish to purchase.
  3. Select subcategory.
  4. Review product information for MOQ, cost, and type of package by clicking on the product.
  5. Place quantity you wish to order in box marked QTY at product box. Note that the price is given per piece or smallest selling unit, and in the field where you place your quantity, you order cartons.
  6. Once you have entered QTY press BUY. The product is added to your cart.
  7. To send your order press the Checkout button.
  8. Our export department will contact you for confirmation and will advise you about the volumes that you have achieved.
  9. Please send your company and delivery address to our export office.
  10. You will receive PI for items you have selected and which are on stock.
  11. Upon signing your PI your orders are considered confirmed and collecting process starts.
  12. Once your orders are confirmed please find a freight forwarder and send the contact details to our export department for arranging the transportation of the goods.
  13. You receive notice when your order is ready in order to arrange the order payment.
  14. The original documents are sent with goods or by courier to you to receive them before the goods has arrived at the named location.